My research and teaching are motivated by my own experiences as a practitioner working for community-based nonprofit housing and community economic development organizations. I continue to value the hard work of such groups by collaborating regularly with a variety of community partners to improve the climate for local neighborhood planning and revitalization. This includes:

  • Attending regular neighborhood planning meetings
  • Introducing my students to real neighborhoods and passionate practitioners through tours, fieldwork, and speakers
  • Focusing student coursework on projects of relevance to community partners
  • Producing scholarly research on the programming, advocacy, and accomplishments of the community development industry.



1. Neighborhood Planning in West Hill and West End (2013)

In cooperation with Arbor Hill Development Corporation, students in my Fall 2013 Studio assisted with a neighborhood planning process for these communities, including attending meetings, creating and disseminating a stoop survey, and planning and facilitating the First Neighborhood Summit. Students in my Urban Community Development course developed White Papers on five topics of concern to these neighborhoods.

2.West Hill Neighborhood Conditions Survey (2012)

In cooperation with the Arbor Hill Development Corporation and the Governor’s Office of Public Safety, students in my graduate Urban Community Development course collected and analyzed building and infrastructure conditions data for more than 600 properties in the core of West Hill.

3. West Hill Housing Study (2011) 

In cooperation with the Arbor Hill Development Corporation, students in my graduate Urban Community Development course analyzed real estate data and surveyed housing conditions on four blocks in the West Hill neighborhood of Albany while undergraduates in my Community Develoment and Neighborhood Planning Course mapped neighborhood assets and needs.

4. South End Healthy Communities Project (2010)

Urban Community Development team reports from the South End Healthy Communities Project, in collaboration with the Albany County Department of Health and their Strategic Alliance for Health partners


  • University at Albany, SUNY 2012 Community Engagement Award, Master’s in Regional Planning Program’s Work in Arbor Hill, Sheridan Hollow, and the South End, Albany, NY.
  • Press coverage on Fall 2010 Studio project as catalyst in redevelopment of Sheridan Hollow neighborhood.